T E C H N I C A L   D A T A   S H E E T S


Unilit Fen XA (NHL 5)

Type : binder

Application field : almost every application field


Unilit B-Fluid XA

Type : binder

Application field : every application field


Unilit 10 (TD 13 PA)

Type : bonding bridge layer

Application field : unstable substrate, coarse primer


Unilit 15P/0-1-2 (TD 13 P0-1-2)

Type : bonding layer

Application field : unstable substrate, thin egalisation coat, lime slurry, laying and pointing tiles, natural insulation systems (Limetics)


Unilit 15P2/H (TD 13 P2 IDRO)

Type : water repellent bonding layer

Application field : natural insulation systems (Limetics)


Unilit 20 (Volcalite)

Type : insulating mortar

Application field : thermal and acoustical insulation, insulation against soot


Unilit 25 (TD 13 P)

Type : lightweight mortar

Application field: porous masonry, brickmesh


Unilit 30 (TD 13 S)

Type : stabilising mortar

Application field : walls with high moisture and salt content


Unilit 35 N-M (TD 13 N-M)

Type : traditional base and bedding mortar

Application field : masonry and traditional plasterings, pointing


Unilit 35 F (TD 13 BRIK)

Type : pointing mortar (thin)

Application field : cut to shape joints (< 6mm)


Unilit 40 (TD 13 FS)

Type : water-repellent finishing mortar

Application field : external plastering


Unilit 45 (TD 13 FN)

Type : finishing mortar

Application field : internal plastering


Unilit 65 N-M-F (TD 13 SISKAL N-M-F)

Type : base and finishing mortar

Application field : plastering, natural stone repairs, void fillings, moldings/shapes


Unilit 65 M/H (TD 13 SISKAL M IDRO)

Type : water repellent base mortar

Application field : natural insulation systems (Limetics)


Unilit 1320 (TD 13/20)

Type : lightweight bedding and pointing mortar

Application field : porous masonry


Unilit B-Fluid 0-1-2-3-4 (B FlUID 0-1-2-3-4)

Type : injection grout

Application field : old masonry


Unilit B-Fluid XB (B FLUID XB)

Type : grouting mortar for rebonding of plasters

Application field : moldings and frescoes, glue for natural stones


Unilit C (TD 13 C)

Type : concrete reinforcement mortar

Application field : stabilisation old masonry, restauration of vaults, supports of wooden beams, fastening of reinforcement bars, realization of floors


Unilit Pedes N-M-F (PEDES G-/-F)

Type : mortar for horizontal applications

Application field : protection of delicate areas, filling of voids, lime floor finishes, roof tiles

Other technical data sheets on demand.